An International Research Project on Innovation and Godhadi Craft

Cross-cultural Workshop with Dutch & Indian Designers/Artists and Indian traditional Godhadi craftswomen
9th - 22nd November 2019 at Quilt Culture, Kondhava Pune, India


*Beyond Quilting, work in process.  Sudarshan Kaladalan, Shanivar Peth, Pune, India, 
  24 November - 30 December 2019, 4 - 8 PM 

*Upcycled. Design / Display / Dialogue. Curated by Studio Alternatives: 
  The Monalisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park, Pune, India
  7 - 11 December 2019, 10:30-7 PM,

*Beyond Quilting: From quilt craft to design. The work process. 
  Nautilus Expobar, Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1006, Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  31 January through 15 February 2020 - 1- 6 PM (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
  with: Sunday, 2/2     13:00-14:00 - Lecture Rucha Kulkarni, visual artist/designer
            Sunday, 2/2     14:00-18:00 - Quilt workshop 'I Quilt Culture', by Rucha Kulkarni, curated by Edith Rijnja 
            Thursday 13/2 20:00-21:30 - Lecture Simone Post, textile and product designer (Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1006, 
                                                               Amsterdam, Zeeburgereiland, free entrance)

Our Mission

Beyond Quilting is a cross-cultural research project on innovative concepts for traditional Maharashtrian Godhadi.
Its first part is a cross-cultural co-creators’ workshop at Quilt Culture in Kondhava Pune, where we aim to research and develop innovative cultural products that resonate with the importance of fabric recycling processes in traditional Maharashtrian Godhadi craft and contemporary sustainable design trends.
In the workshop, we will research the form and process of traditional Godhadi quilting. This humble attempt could be a small but requisite step to generate discourse around the necessity of recycling old fabrics and rejuvenating of this traditional craft in the period of Anthropocene. The workshop will also explore and address issues of cultural appropriation and the role of craftswomen in the process of recontextualizing the craft.

Recycle Waste Fabrics

Overall, the fashion industry as a whole is contributing more to climate change than the aeronautical and shipping industries combined. If trends continue, the industry could account for a quarter of the world’s carbon budget by 2050.
To address the issue we are finding refuge in the traditional crafts like Godhadi; which uses old discarded fabrics to create beautifully crafted utility products.

Revisit Godhadi Craft

The availability of mass manufactured, easily accessible and comparatively cheaper consumer goods is impacting on the small Sustainist craft industries and culture. Godhadi is a traditional Maharashtrian craft. Hand-stitched quilts/rugs are made from up-cycled used fabrics (new left-overs). Several patches and layers of up-cycled fabrics are stitched closely with straight or spiral stitches.

Create Opportunities

Beyond Quilting operates to generate opportunities through the collaboration of traditional craft and contemporary design. The design contributions by participating Dutch and Indian Designers aim to support the home-based female workers of Quilt Culture and support them in earning a living. While the designers get to know traditional craftsmanship of up-cycling fabrics.

About Us

We love what we do!

BEYOND QUILTING, a non-profit initiative, aims to put a strong focus on the power of innovative designs through cross-cultural dialogue between Indian traditional quilt makers and contemporary Dutch and Indian designers. The goal of this design research project is to be the organic culmination of the contemporary cultural sensitivity towards fair trade and values of sustainability.

Who are we?

Beyond Quilting is an international research project of Edith Rijnja (Art++), Rucha Kulkarni, Harald Schole and Quilt Culture. Dutch and Indian designers and artists; Mae Engelgeer, Rucha Kulkarni, Richard Niessen, Simone Post, Karishma Shahani, Harald Schole and Studio Alternatives will work on innovative designs with Indian Godhadi crafts-women. It will be a runway for creative impulses. The collaboration will be valuable for both Dutch and Indian designers and the craftswomen of Quilt Culture.

What & Where?

In this program on Innovation & craftsmanship, designers will have the opportunity to set up short research projects (quick scans), to work individually or collectively. The products developed as an outcome of this research will contribute to the products made by Quilt Culture and the business generated through this is aimed to support the livelihood of the craftswomen.
The workshop will take place at the Quilt Culture workshop in Kondhava Pune. The results of research projects will be presented during local meetings at the Community Hall in Kondhava Budruk and at a final presentation on 24 November at Sudarshan Kaladalan in Pune and at other venues.

Quilt Culture

Quilt Culture

Craftswomen - the Skills & the Strength
Quilt Culture is a social entrepreneurial project completely own and run by craftswoman themselves. It works with the threefold objectives; one reviving the traditional Indian art of hand quilt making, two re-establishing century-old traditional values of recycling fabrics and three creating financial opportunities for women from marginalized caste and classes.

The Designers

Simone Post


‘I am interested to participate in this project for several reasons. It is about a technique with a very long tradition. I would like to look at this technique as an outsider and to explore new possibilities with it. I am always interested to stretch existing borders and find new opportunities. It is a pity that quilting is considered ‘kneuterig’ (a sort of old-fashioned, dusty). It is my challenge that one should not have the feeling of putting old fabrics together but creating a new application. A great challenge.’

Mae Engelgeer


‘I love to work with craft people and, I believe that new ideas can come from seeing the production process and work together. I like to share my way of working with colors and graphics and finding a balance in this. Hopefully, we can explore new ways in creating beautiful quilted home interior pieces, focussing on minimalism and special detailing. I like to think outside the box and am always searching for new possibilities to create new directions and aesthetics. It can be a follow up of my experiences in Vietnam and Mongolia.’

Karishma Shahani Khan


I work & focus on creating through craft techniques and exploring methods of managing post production waste.
The patchwork and quilting have always been fascinating for me .
This is an opportunity for us to add more layers to our understanding of this craft and its collaborative nature adds to the sense of purpose we wish to achieve through our products.

Richard Niessen


‘The theme fits exactly in my work. I am graphic designer and (African) quilts are for my source of inspiration. I would like to discover the hidden language and histories that are connected with quilt making. Some fabrics could show a kind of alphabet. I would like to introduce meanings that I can find in the villages of the quilt makers.’

Studio Alternatives


At Studio Alternatives, we love upcycling. Utilizing various types of discarded materials to create desirable objects is our area of focus and expertise for which we have developed a highly skilled team. From coasters to shipping containers, we love making use of reclaimed materials. For this workshop we look forward to collaborating with creative and like-minded individuals to explore the possibilities of working in fabric.

Rucha Kulkarni


‘Traditional arts are source of inspiration for me, not only in terms of its exclusivity and authenticity, but also for its earthy, environmentally sensitive sustainable character. In Beyond Quilting, I wish to emphasis on the uniformity and variables of hand stitches in the quilt making, as a human intervention in the age of mechanical produces.’ Currently, she divides her time between
working in India and the Netherlands.

The organizers

Beyond Quilting is an international collaborative project of Edith Rijnja (Art++), Rucha Kulkarni and Harald Schole.

EDITH RIJNJA is director of Art++. ‘ Both through my work and my travels I meet with artists and designers all over the world. It fascinates me how inventive they are in translating local aspects and traditions into a personal visual language and how designers develop new applications for age-old craft techniques and materials. And when the social context also forms part of an art or design project, I am definitely in.’ Rijnja is an art historian, curator, organizer and publicist. Earlier she worked at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam where she a.o. coordinated the RAIN artists’ initiatives network (Africa, Asia, Latin America).

HARALD SCHOLE is a visual artist. He works within the visual arts and design. He researches the possibilities art and design can offer linking up with other disciplines, such as urban planning, architecture and history. ‘ My special interest is the development of projects in relation to either specific sites and its history or special occasions.’ Schole will research & collect traditional designs, drawings and symbols; the visual stories the crafts women tell through the quilt making.’

In 2019, Edith & harald co-curated Gentle Radical in Amsterdam, an exhibition on young YAA-award winning artists, and in 2018 African Amicitiae in Arti Amsterdam. Earlier curatorial projects a.o. with Centre Soleil d’Afrique, Bamako, Mali; MAVA with Meschac Gaba, Cotonou, Benin and projects in India a.o. Gelawas (Rajastan), Guwahati (Assam) and Bodh Gaya (Bihar). Both publish in several magazines on art and design having special interest in crafts and innovation.

RUCHA KULKARNI (see above)

Work in Progress

Sustainable development is the pathway for the future we want for all. It offers a framework for economic growth, achieve social justice, exercise environmental stewardship and strengthen the governance.
-Ban Ki Moon


Jan 9, 2020

Opening Day

Kapilvastu Budhavihar Kondhava Pune
Nov 12, 2019

Knowledge Exchange

Visit to Studio Alternative
Nov 13, 2019

Presentation at TIFA

TIFA Working Studios

at 7 pm

Nov 15, 2019

Knowledge Exchange

Visit to Ka.sha
Nov 24, 2019

Final Presentation

at Maharashtra Cultural Center, Pune

At 11 am

Nov 24, 2019


at Sudarshan Kaladalan, Pune

Open until 30th Nov 2019
Time : 4 - 8 pm

Dec 6, 2019

Participation in ‘Upcycled’, a Curated Exhibition

at The Monalisa Kalagram, Pune

We are happy to be a part of the exhibition curated on the theme of Upcycling and contemporary design by Studio Alternatives.

Dec 31, 2019


Nautilus Expobar, Amsterdam

Beyond Quilting: From quilt craft to design.
The work process.
Nautilus Expobar, Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1006, Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

31 January through 15 February 2020 - 1- 6 PM (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

with: Sunday, 2/2 13:00-14:00 - Lecture Rucha Kulkarni, visual artist/designer

Sunday, 2/2 14:00-18:00 - Quilt workshop ‘I Quilt Culture’, by Rucha Kulkarni,
curated by Edith Rijnja

Thursday 13/2 20:00-21:30 - Lecture Simone Post, textile and product designer (Eef Kamerbeekstraat 1006, Amsterdam)

More activities to be announced soon!

October, 2020


Tilburg, The Netherland

This is a non-profit project initiative. We would greatly appreciate if you could make a contribution to the project.


Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Stichting Stokroos


Quilt Culture
Lane no-1, Ambedkar Nagar
Kondhawa (bk) Pune - 411047


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